10 tallest sculptures in the world

Of the ten largest sculptures in the world – 4 am in China, 3 in Japan, 1 in Myanmar, 1 in Thailand and 1 in Russia. Russian sculpture is number 9th spot. This figure of mother Motherland in Volgograd. All the other statues are iconic in nature and are associated with Buddhism and other Eastern religious teachings.

First place in the list of the largest sculpture is a Buddha statue Spring Temple, which is located in the village of Jozani, next to the monastery and the healing spring. The height of the statue without a pedestal – 128 meters. Built the statue was after the Afghan Taliban destroyed the unique monument of culture – the two rock images of the Buddha in the Bamiyan valley.

The second tallest sculpture of a Buddha, which is called “Lejon sasaja”. There is this huge monument near the town of Monywa in Myanmar, on the territory of the temple complex. On the site you can find more than 5,000 different images of the Buddha. The height of the statue is 116 meters.

The third line of the list is Japanese sculpture Ushiku Daibutsu (Big Buddha). There is a statue in the Park “Arcadia” in the small town of Ushiku (50 kilometers from Tokyo). The statue is located on the very spot where the great preacher of Dharmakara reached full enlightenment and Nirvana. Sculpture height – 100 meters.

In fourth place is also a Japanese hundred-meter statue of the many faces of the goddess Kannon, essentially well as embodying the Buddha. Statue located in Sendai, the Tohoku region. A monument was in 1991.

Fifth place dozens of the highest statues in the world is the monument of the goddess Guanyin (the Chinese name of the goddess of Kannon) in the city district of Changshu. The height of the statue is 92 meters.

Sixth place dozens took the statue of Buddha in ang Thong, Thailand. The statue is striking not only for its size (height – 92 meters), but its radiance on a Sunny day. The figure of the enlightened one is gilded and polished to a Shine. This monument is one of the favorite sites of tourists.

On the seventh place of ten 88-meter statue of the goddess Kannon in the Japanese city of Ashibetsu.

Eighth place takes the statue is 88 meters, located near the city of Wuxi in China. It is again a monument to the Buddha. Unlike previous sculptures, this made of bronze and is considered the most high bronze sculpture in the world.

Ninth place – the statue of Motherland in Volgograd. In the memorial complex to the battle of Stalingrad, the statue occupies the Central place. Its height is 85 meters.

Completing the top ten largest sculptures in the world Chinese monument of the goddess Guanyin in Sanya. The sculpture is 80 metres away.

The top ten greatest sculptures the world has included such well-known monuments, like the statue of Liberty in new York, the statue of St. Rita in Brazil, the statue of Christ the king in Poland or “worker and collective farm girl”. Each of these statues at the time were the largest on the continent, the country and the world. However, with the onset of the 21st century, the Buddhists began to confidently hold primacy in the creation of giant figures.