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Ordinary Postage Stamps – Issue of 1914

The discontinuance of distinctive parcel-post stamps made it necessary to issue five new denominations of ordinary stamps to take their place. The new stamps are of the same shape (a rectangle on end) and size (about 7/8 by 23/32 inch ) as the other ordinary stamps, series of 1912, and are described as follows:

Description of Ordinary US Postage Stamps of 1914

The 7-cent stamp bears the head of Washington in profile, from Houdon’s bust, looking to the left. The border design is the same as that of the first six denominations of the current series. Continue reading “Ordinary Postage Stamps – Issue of 1914”

Panama-Pacific Commemorative Stamp — Issue of 1913

This series of postage stamps, issued to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal and the discovery of the Pacific Ocean, comprises four denominations, 1, 2, 5, and 10 cents, all of which were first placed on sale at San Francisco, Calif., January 1, 1913, except the 2-cent denomination, which was first placed on sale at the same post office on January 18, 1913. Description follows:

Details of Panama-Pacific Commemorative Stamp of 1913

Continue reading “Panama-Pacific Commemorative Stamp — Issue of 1913”

Ordinary Postage Stamps — Issue of 1912

Changes in design and color

The postage stamps of the 1908 issue while possessing high artistic merit, have given considerable trouble to the public and to the Postal Service on account of the similarity of designs of the different denominations. All of the 12 stamps are of identical design, except that the 1-cent denomination bears the portrait of Franklin, while the others bear the portrait of Washington. Continue reading “Ordinary Postage Stamps — Issue of 1912”

Postal Savings Official Stamps — Issue of 1911

The act of Congress approved June 25, 1910, establishing postal savings depositories, provides:

Sec. 2. That the Postmaster General is hereby directed to prepare and issue special stamps of the necessary denominations for use, in lieu of penalty or franked envelopes, in the transmittal of free mail resulting from the administration of this act.” Continue reading “Postal Savings Official Stamps — Issue of 1911”