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Special-Delivery Stamp (10-cent) and Columbian Series – Issue of 1983

As the special-delivery stamp closely resembled the 1-cent and 4-cent Columbian stamps, giving rise to mistakes in the payment of postage and the treatment of mail matter, its color was changed from blue to orange January 24, 1893, and so continued to January 5, 1894, when the printing in blue was resumed. Continue reading “Special-Delivery Stamp (10-cent) and Columbian Series – Issue of 1983”

Ordinary Postage Stamps – Issue of 1890

One-cent. — Profile bust, after Ceracchi, of Benjamin Franklin, looking to the left, on an ellipse, with a dark background and narrow white border, immediately above which, set in a panel conforming to the elliptical curve, are the words “United States postage” in white capitals, and below which, in slightly larger and shaded letters, arranged in a waved line running nearly the whole width of the stamp, are the words “One cent.” Continue reading “Ordinary Postage Stamps – Issue of 1890”