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The sculpture of “Christ the Redeemer” (Rio de Janeiro)

On top of the mountain, which Brazilians called Corcovado (the Hunchback), above the beautiful Bay and gorgeous beaches, the famous stadium and the great city of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most famous sculpture on Earth. Spread out over the city, hands in the blessed impulse of the Savior, as if trying to embrace the whole world under His feet. Continue reading “The sculpture of “Christ the Redeemer” (Rio de Janeiro)” »

Monument sculpture “Motherland” in Volgograd

One of the most famous sculptures of the USSR at its core is the Central figure of the triptych, which includes the monument “Tyl – frontu!” in Magnitogorsk and “Warrior-Liberator” in Berlin’s Treptow Park. The idea of monumental compositions – forged in the rear of the sword, picked up the Motherland and down – Soldier-Liberator. At the time of installation “Motherland” was the tallest sculpture in the world. Continue reading “Monument sculpture “Motherland” in Volgograd” »