“A clear autumn evening”, Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar – overview of the painting

“A clear autumn evening”, Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar – overview of the painting
“A clear autumn evening”, Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1923

Overview of the painting :

A clear autumn evening – Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar. Oil on canvas. 98 x 140.5 cm

   The canvas depicts a bright autumn landscape. The artist worked on it, located on a hill from which a wonderful view of the river, flowing between the two banks, opened. From the hill, fields, plains, trees, a small forest are clearly visible. The master of the brush idolized Russian nature and dedicated his best topics to it.

   In the picture, mid-October after the “baby summer.”. Leaves on trees of yellow, orange and crimson colors. In the foreground of the autumn composition, two trees are depicted close-up: maple and larch with bumps on fluffy branches. Maple leaves are already yellowed and fly around. A larch stands green, proudly pulling shaggy branches to the sides.

   Down by the river is a small forest. A golden face is pounding in the distance. The horizon line is depicted as a long lilac strip. The composition harmoniously conveyed a smooth transition of the sky in contact with the earth. Landscape oveyan with a radiant approach of sunset at the end of the day, but he is in no hurry to enter his rights. A clear and bright sky drowns in a bottomless space. A light breeze sways the thin branches of trees. The evening is filled with amazing silence.

   In the work, the artist used warm color: yellow, red, orange, crimson, light green color combinations. He worked with inspiration with a brush, creating a canvas, merging with nature. The artist was immersed in her royal splendor. He liked beautiful, unusual stories.

   Autumn evening pleases and inspires. The viewer is fascinated by the light-silac color of the sky with a white-yellow hue. Against this background, the landscape looks unusual. The aromas of autumn filled the Russian expanses with fragrance. On the opposite bank, a field extends beyond the river, behind it a village is visible. The artist chose a magnificent plot. In every moment of autumn, his own uniqueness lives. The surrounding nature inspires faith and hope for its future renewal, as well as the course of life changing.

   Autumn evening captivates with its beauty. The picture gives a pleasant impression. The master of the brush showed in his work the decorativeness and solemn grandeur of Russian nature. Autumn is a time of contemplation and reflection. It was such a plan that the artist embodied in the creation of the canvas. He created a picturesque landscape with thoughts of life and eternity of being. The author’s work brought great success.