“A couple with a jester,” Quentin Masseys – a description of the picture

“A couple with a jester,” Quentin Masseys – a description of the picture
“A couple with a jester,” Quentin Masseys - a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by Quentin Masseis
  • Museum: National Art Gallery (Washington)
  • Year: 1525

Description of the picture :

A couple with a jester – Quentin Masseis. Wood, butter. 43 cm x 63 cm

   A magnificent, unusual artistic masterpiece was written by Quentin Masseis in 1525! The picture is grotesque, close to farce.

   On the central plane of the composition, the master of the brush depicted a love pair of court ladies and a jester. They enthusiastically enjoy each other. An old jester in a red cap and a dark green caftan gently hugs a woman, enveloping her head and chest. She clearly sympathizes with him. The lady gently touches the man’s chin with one hand, and in the other, holds the wallet that she pulled off at the old man while hugging him. And he gives the wallet to the young jester, he already extended his hand behind him. They are clearly in collusion.

   The couple admires each other. A woman is wearing a light green dress with a neckline. A pendant in the form of decoration is painted on her neck. The head of the lady is crowned with a blue border. Chaten hair is neatly laid in the hairstyle. Her eyes are a little covered; on the face is a pleasant smile; on the cheeks is a pink blush.

   The jester looks like an elderly person. From under his cap looks like the edge of gray hair. Deep wrinkles are noticeable on the face of the jester. White eyebrows are curved with an arc; eyes express interest in a lady; the nose is large and wide; lips blurry out in a happy smile. He really likes a woman! He is full of sensual pleasures.

   Behind the back of the lady is a young jester watching a couple in love. He covered his eyes and pulled out his tongue, licking his lips. His head is covered with brown fabric in the form of a theater mask with protruding ears. On the table in front of him are cards and three coins. He is ready to take a stolen wallet.

   The artist used dark gray tones in his work. Bright and expressive figures of people are depicted on a black background using contrasts. The plot of the picture is very interesting. It captures an interesting beginning. The brush master skillfully worked with the brush, creating a comic plot. The picture has many quirks, fantastic turns and satire.