A fun veranda company is Jan Stan

A fun veranda company is Jan Stan
A fun veranda company is Jan Stan - 1

  • Posted by Jan Stan
  • Museum: Reyksmuseum
  • Year: 1673-1675

Description of the picture :

A fun veranda company is Jan Stan. 1673-1675. Oil on canvas. 141×131.4
   Stan is an artist who is distinguished by extraordinary identity, one of the founders of Dutch art of the XVII century. His so-called “genre” painting is not inspired by historical, religious or mythological stories, but displays living family paintings or episodes of piruses in taverns. These works can be considered both as uncomplicated evidence of the characteristics of the daily life of that era, and as difficult interweaving of allegorical or symbolic messages that complicate the impression.

   The scene presented here may also contain a edifying idea – a warning to the gospel: the center of the composition is a woman in blue clothes, the negligence of which, an ambiguous look and smirk are obvious signs of a chuckling person. Moreover, according to tradition, the red shoes worn on it were a typical belonging of “frivolous” women. The purpose of the picture, in addition to portraying a feast in a fun company, is to present a moral lesson without resorting, however, to a serious and mentor tone, but with the sympathetic participation of someone who knows that a person easily becomes a victim of instincts.