Adoration of the shepherds, Jacob Yordans, 1618

Adoration of the shepherds, Jacob Yordans, 1618
Adoration of the shepherds, Jacob Yordans, 1618 - 1

  • Posted by Jacob Yordans
  • Museum: National Museum of Sweden (Stockholm)
  • Year: 1618

Description of the picture :

The worship of the shepherds is Jacob Yordans. 1618

   Around 1618, young Jacob Yordan (1593-1678) wrote, “The Adoration of the Shepherds.”. Our Lady in the performance of Yordan is a healthy, beautiful young woman; with a confident, familiar gesture, she supports a child wrapped in a blanket. A black shawl shades the lactic whiteness of her skin and the brightness of her blush. The child is sleeping, and those who came, according to the gospel legend, shepherds reverently remain silent to bow to him, but the colors are so bright, forms are so voluminous (eg, a wonderful written round copper jug in the foreground) people are so full of health and strength, every figure and every subject so insistently declares themselves, that viewer, standing in front of the picture, least of all he thinks about peace and quiet.

   The picture is striking in the powerful glorification of physical strength and health. This is the key to human beauty for Jordan. Passing the physical, material existence of people and things, Yordan is not trying to catch the abstract, spiritual meaning of the gospel story. It is limited to the image of a purely earthly event. It is no coincidence that several paintings on the theme “The worship of the shepherds” appear in the work of Yordan when a child was born to the artist’s young wife. A wife and a little daughter serve him as models, and home impressions help you really imagine the events of the Christian legend.