Akershus fortress: the citadel of Norway

Akershus fortress: the citadel of Norway

Akershus fortress: the citadel of Norway - 1

  • Country: Norway
  • City: Oslo
  • Address: 0150 Oslo

More than seven hundred years the citadel protected the capital from invaders trolls. Defended, not always successfully, but surrendered without a fight, only once, when the Nazis invaded Norway and the king and the government have left the country.

These walls remember the brave king Haakon the Fifth, the traitor Quisling, the leader of the rebellious farmers of Lofthus. The fortress gradually turned into a luxurious castle, and then in state prison. During the war on the territory of the citadel was a branch of the Gestapo, after the war, the chambers contained, those who collaborated with the Nazis.

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The history of Norway for seven centuries is closely connected with the fortress. Here you will find the Ministry of defence of the Kingdom and the main staff of the army.

Despite a solid door, especially in the Akershus fortress is a Museum.

Many tourists enjoy visiting the fortress:
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  • Armed forces Museum of Norway – the collections of this institution represent the entire military history from Viking times to the present day. Widely presented arms, military equipment, uniforms. Rich library of the Museum attracts researchers from all over Europe, it is available for any visitor of the Museum.
  • The Museum of the Norwegian Resistance during the Second world war – here you can learn about how the Norwegians fought with the Nazi occupiers from 1940 to 1945. The wonders of the conspiracy, the heroic actions, the destruction of the traitors. During the war the guerrilla movement in Norway has not been as widespread as in Belarus, but doing Norwegian patriots were not sitting.
  • The Royal chapel – it will be interesting to those interested in the history of Norway. In the chapel are the tombs of several kings and statesmen of the country.
  • The territory of the fortress – walk around the fortress will bring pleasure to the lover of antiquity. Several dozen historical sites, viewing platforms, fortifications, towers, dungeons – here all interesting.
  • Temporary exhibitions devoted to historical events that occurred on the grounds of the castle. This may be an exhibition dedicated to the prisoners of the prison, or the kings of medieval times.

Normal hours of work of fortress – from 10 am to 16 hours. Entrance ticket – 70 CZK. Children 50% discount.

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The ticket price includes audio guide in English. The guides here are guided tours in English and Norwegian. The fortress has a souvenir stall.