Alert of Adelsteen Norman

Alert of Adelsteen Norman - 1

  • Year of birth: 1 may 1848
  • Date of death: 26 Dec 1918
  • Country: Norway


The most influential European school of painting at the Dusseldorf – proud of its talented students, among them the Norwegian Alert of Adelsteen Norman.

The boy was born in 1848 in Bodø, on the North coast of Norway, to a wealthy family. His father, a successful ship owner, died early, but Edelsten managed to get a good school knowledge in major Norwegian cities – Trondheim and Bergen. 21, at the insistence of his mother, went to Copenhagen to learn the trade case.

But the masterpieces he had seen in the Metropolitan art galleries, made the young Norman the impression that he decides to become a painter and entered the Düsseldorf Academy of arts. His teachers of painting become famous landscape painters of the Achenbach and the Siphon.

Upon graduation from the Academy in 1873, decided to settle in Dusseldorf, as by this time he had already married (in 1870) to a local girl Teresa Wathan. They will live many years, and they have five children.

Even during training, Norman said, is a talented artist, his paintings are exhibited and are held with success in the Danish capital, and in the German Dusseldorf.

Throughout life the writing style of the painter has been undergoing very significant changes. In his early career, his work is in the spirit of the classical school – with allegories, religious subjects, with many detailed and fine details on the canvas. Then the artist came under the influence of modernism, it takes boldness and confidence in the imposition of a brushstroke, the pictures look crisp, deep and dark. But gradually the paintings begin to have an airiness and lightness, bright, sparkling, transparent colours dominate. Painter finds himself in impressionism.

Success was not long in coming. In the period from 1873 to 1900, taking part in various exhibitions, Norman received many awards and medals – from bronze to gold, his work to buy and monarchs – the kings of Prussia and Sweden.

At the age of 32 years, in 1880 he decides to settle in Berlin. Norman meets with renowned artists, opens his own school of painting. But native Norway leaves no, where he’s building a Villa and all the warm time of the year spends on the sea shore, painting magnificent landscapes.

In one of his visits to Norway, he meets a young and then unknown Edward Munch, in the future, a talented exponent of expressionism. Edelsten helped him with organization of the exhibition in Berlin and although she was completely not understood and not accepted by the Imperial court, the patronage of Norman played a role in further recognition of Munch and his unusual and new ideas.

In 1911, his wife dies, he again marries a young Louise Rostalski. In 1917 returned to Norway, and a year later at the age of 70 years was dying from a long illness.

The work of Alert Adelsteen Norman was always interested in the audience and now his work is represented in many museums around the world. But until 1996 there was a “secret ban” on his picture. And all because of the fact that in 1943 one of his landscapes were purchased by Hitler, which influenced the interest of museums and galleries to art of the artist.

Currently, many countries would consider it an honor to have in their collections landscape masterpieces of this amazing artist.