Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol - 1

  • Date of birth: 6 August 1928
  • Date of death: 22 Feb 1987
  • Country: USA


This person with unremarkable appearance and a shock of white hair became a real phenomenon in the art of XX century. He surpassed all his predecessors who tried to “introduce art to the masses”. Simply Warhol made art a part of our daily life, putting it on a fully commercial footing, but retaining the individuality and uniqueness of his own style. Andy Warhol can be treated in different ways, to love him and to hate, but he certainly leaves no one.

Birthplace of rebel and innovator in 1928 in the USA, in Pittsburgh. His family were immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now this area became part of Slovakia. Belonged to the parents of Warhol to a small East Slavic nation – the Ruthenians. Andy himself was the fourth child in the family and at birth was named Andrew Warhol. Many years later, one of the authors who have written about it journalists accidentally omitted the last letter in his last name. Americanized sounding so like the artist that he left the sonorous option. So a legend was born named Andy Warhol.

The history of interest in art and the appearance in the mind of a boy of strange and unusual ideas directly connected with them experienced pain and suffering. While in third grade, the boy contracted severe scarlet fever, which was aggravated by the strange and painful disease called St. Vitus’s dance or chorea of Sydenham. The disease is accompanied by involuntary twitching of the limbs and whole body. At school a boy teased, and he was painfully grieved his awkwardness in his movements, became very insecure. Hard treatment had an effect on his future life in Warhol settled permanently unconscious fear of doctors and any treatment. But this period was extremely important for her development as a future artist. Forced immobility made him interested in art in its simplest form – cutting out pictures from magazines and Newspapers, he made collages. This is a serious impact on his creative manner, making it recognizable and unique.

In 1949 Andy graduated from the Institute of Technology Carnegie received a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design. This direction best fits the style of Warhol. He studied well, but friends have strange and eccentric young man was not.

After graduation, he went to live in new York, where he immediately received commissions for advertising, creating postcards and window dressing. The next step in his career becomes a job an Illustrator for fashion magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. In a year he will have his first success after advertising shoes. Then Warhol becomes the Illustrator tutorial Spanish Margarita Madrigal. He and her other books were very popular, famous and Andy.

His first solo exhibition was held in 1962. He stopped to count the pennies, as his work was highly paid. Success brought him a house in Manhattan and gave the opportunity to experiment with art.

Having mastered the screen printing and screen printing, Warhol created incredibly popular in our days portraits of celebrities, including stars of the first magnitude – Marilyn Monroe. He experiments with graphics, creating images using everyday, ordinary objects, like bottles of Coca – Cola and cans with canned soup Campbell. These works variously estimated by critics and the public. Some believed their conviction of the spiritual impoverishment of the modern consumer society, others recognize the trivial and a sign of bad taste. Anyway, the pieces have survived its Creator and made it an icon of pop art and conceptual art.

Richer, Andy gets the opportunity to Express themselves in various art forms. His personal Studio called “the Factory” becomes a club for a variety of progressive celebrity of the turbulent times, as well as the center of all the conceptual in art in America. To get to the “Factory” dream of all who seek to mean something in this competitive world.

In the same period, the artist experiments with cinema, but his films don’t interest the audience, they are too unusual and strange for people.

In 1968 Valerie Solanas makes an attempt on Warhol by shooting him in the stomach three times. The result was the near-death experience and many hours of complex surgery, a year in a corset and paintings related to the theme of violence and death. In 1963 he created “Catastrophe tuna” – a vivid reflection of his former sentiments. Charges Solanas, he did not put forward.

The life and work of the artist has always been filled with experiments. So, in 1979, he tried to paint a race car using almost anything, including their own fingers. He was immensely interested in the process of creating unusual works.

He died after gall bladder removal from cardiac arrest in his sleep in 1987. Buried Andy Warhol in his native Pittsburgh and in his native Slovakia, he put the monument as a star of contemporary art.