Archaeological Museum, Madrid

Archaeological Museum, Madrid

Archaeological Museum, Madrid - 1

  • Country: Spain
  • City: Madrid
  • Address: Calle de Serrano, 13

National archaeological Museum of Spain has recently opened after major refurbishment. The collection has expanded, there are new artifacts, improved technical equipment of the Museum.

The exhibition is located on three floors of a huge building with a mezzanine. Even before entering, visitors can see carefully recreated the cave of Altamira with its unique rock paintings.

Archaeological Museum, Madrid - 2

The first floor

On the ground floor, in addition to a cafeteria and administrative offices, the visitor is greeted by an audiovisual installation that continuously plays a movie about archeology in General and a brief overview of the history of Spain from the earliest times.

Archaeological Museum, Madrid - 3
Then follows an extensive exhibition of archaeological finds related to the prehistoric period in the Iberian Peninsula. Six rooms in this section of the Museum is full of reconstructions, skeletons, tools.

Second floor

Eight halls on the second floor of the Archaeological Museum in Madrid dedicated to the period of Spanish history that is associated with the landing of the Phoenicians on the Mediterranean coast. Dishes, the first written sources, artifacts which relate to the achievements of Celtic and Iberian cultures.

Archaeological Museum, Madrid - 4
Here is a collection of artifacts of the “Roman” era, among which a particularly vivid impression is made by antique mosaic jewelry.

One of the halls of the second floor of the Museum introduces visitors to the period of the first Kingdom of the Visigoths in the Pyrenees. Ends the exposition of the second floor rooms, where a rich collection of medieval artifacts.

Archaeological Museum, Madrid - 5

Third floor

The second floor presents archaeological finds relating to the period of Great geographical discoveries, of the United Kingdom under the sceptre of the Habsburgs and the Bourbons.

Interesting exhibition on the history of the Museum, which has more than a century and a half.

A large part of the third floor of the Museum is devoted to collections of the Ancient world: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient Greece.

The mezzanine has a unique and rich exhibition of ancient coins.

Archaeological Museum, Madrid - 6
In addition to the main exhibition and temporary exhibitions are held. Here is a very active educational and kulturtregerskih activities. Not a day goes by without a lecture, concert or art event. Regular guests of the Museum – students, who are offered lessons on a variety of topics.

Archaeological Museum, Madrid - 7
To find the Museum, focusing on the metro station “Serrano”. The entrance ticket is 3 euros. In the national holidays of Spain admission is free.

Visitors have the opportunity to use the multimedia guides, compatible with the Android platform.

At the end of this article I want to share a very interesting video about how did the restoration of the Museum. The 8 minutes flew by for me as the moment. Very impressive.