Arlekin and his girlfriend (Wandering gymnasts), Picasso, 1901

Arlekin and his girlfriend (Wandering gymnasts), Picasso, 1901
Arlekin and his girlfriend (Wandering gymnasts), Picasso, 1901 - 1

  • Posted by Pablo Picasso
  • Museum: Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin
  • Year: 1901

Overview of the painting :

Arlekin and his girlfriend (Wandering gymnasts) – Pablo Picasso. 1901. Oil on canvas. 73×60

   The painting opens the “blue period” of the work of the great artist. This period is filled with sadness, sadness and philosophical pessimism. Reflections on the purpose of the artist in this world, on his difficult path to the heart of the public – the programmatic basis of the work of this stage.

   Before us is a couple of street artists at the cafe table. It is known that the master often visited this Paris institution, which served simultaneously as a exchange for numerous acrobats, mimes and jugglers who came here in the hope of getting at least some work.

   Arlekin is focused and attentive. He watches the guests, hoping to see his future employer. His girlfriend, on the contrary, is distracted and sad.

   The author considers this union of creative personalities through the prism of the classical relationship of man and woman. If a man is energetic and busy looking for the opportunity to earn money, then the woman relies entirely on her partner. In the eyes of the “colombines” longing and fatigue. This evening is for her, first of all, the opportunity to take a breath, relax and at least for a while forget about eternal worries and disorder.

   The audience sees strong, young people tired of the hard life of street artists.

   All work is filled with sadness and even some longing. Artists in a constant search, their disorder and complete dependence on the case cause sympathy among the viewer.

   Blue color, a symbol of depression in the artist’s work, does not yet dominate other colors. The artist balances them with large red, yellow and small green fields. The color of the work creates a difficult mood, an atmosphere of light sadness, sadness, apathy. On the other hand, the master gives the viewer hope for luck, which awaits only those who diligently hunt for it.