Autumn landscape with castle Stan, Rubens

Autumn landscape with castle Stan, Rubens
Autumn landscape with castle Stan, Rubens - 1

  • Posted by Peter Paul Rubens
  • Museum: National Gallery (London)
  • Year: Around 1636

Description of the picture :

Autumn landscape with castle Stan – Peter Paul Rubens. Around 1636. Oil on canvas. 131.2×229.2

   In 1635, Peter Paul Rubens bought the Sten Manor near Antwerp. There he enjoyed the joys of rural life for the past five years. It is noteworthy that on the grave plate of the artist in the Church of St. James in Antwerp was knocked out according to his desire: “Lord Stan”.

   This work gives a somewhat romantic and idealized view of the landscape surrounding the castle, which has survived to this day. It is known that in reality the terrain here is flat, less spectacular. The painter conveyed the mood of late autumn: there is a cold morning breath, the rising sun illuminates the walls of the building. In the foreground is a household scene: a cart is loading, a hunter with a dog lurking nearby, tracking down partridges.

   Researchers found that the picture, as Rubens had more than once, grew in size as the master worked on the composition. Initially, he conceived a small landscape, but in its final form the work consists of at least 17 parts. This is one of the best landscapes in the Flemish art of the 17th century.