“Bachelor party”, Jan Vermeer – a description of the picture

“Bachelor party”, Jan Vermeer – a description of the picture
"Bachelor party", Jan Vermeer - a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by Jan Vermeer
  • Museum: Reyksmuseum
  • Year: 1658-1661

Description of the picture :

Molochnitsa – Jan Vermeer. Oil on canvas. 45.5 x 41 cm

   This small picture for more than three hundred years is of great interest to spectators and art historians. And this means that we have before us a masterpiece of the work of art created by the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer.

   The painting “Dairy” was written presumably in the period from 1658 to 1661. Ian Vermeer is master at writing just such works – bewitching, suggesting the conjecture and redrawing of the plan that he shared on the canvas. He did not even give a name to his works, everyone could come up with it and mentally finish the picture. Whether the artist did it on purpose or just such a work style, no one will ever know about it.

   It would seem how to captivate an observer? After all, the plot of the picture is extremely simple: the minimum of the interior and things, and the main character only pours milk from the jug. And, nevertheless, everyone who stops near this canvas will surely have a desire to see every detail, every item, every fold of clothes and its color, a pouring stream of milk and a magnificent still life with bread, the face and figure of an old girl. I want to guess what thoughts lurk behind this smooth, impeccable forehead, which she thinks about, who she is doing simple work, but with self-esteem.

   Before us is not just a genre scene, but a “photography” of the life and traditions of the Netherlands. After all, milk, bread and cheese for the Dutch are the main food. And in order to deal with precisely these things in the kitchen, there was a servant – a thrush, whose duties included taking care of preparing dairy dishes, cottage cheese, oil, and monitoring the cleanliness of whole fabrics and dishes.

   On the canvas is a static, radiating health and youth, a girl. White pepper, white milk and a white wall – all this does not merge into a single background, but skillfully highlighted by the author with different shades.

   Clothing made of warm but coarse fabric sits on the figure. Bright ultramarine spots are distinguished by an apron and fabric hanging from the table. Blue color can be called special and beloved in Vermeer’s work. Perhaps it is thanks to him that a simple maid takes on such an attractive look.

   All objects depicted in the picture can be listed on the fingers, so there are few. But they all have their purpose in the grudge – a porcelain jug on the table, food baskets, a “heat stove” in which the coals are located, for heating the cold kitchen.

   The thrush neatly and concentratedly “dwell-acting” – a thin, white, milk stream flows into a wide bowl; daylight penetrates through the window, emphasizing the splendor, the immensity of fresh bread. The girl’s face is pure, chaste, with the right features. Her posture and slight head tilt are full of dignity and confidence.

   The artist’s painting is just a joy for the eyes, so it blows from her with homemade comfort, warmth and tranquility. Ian Vermeer is a painter-psychologist, because in his works everything is simple and, at the same time, significant – from the selection of a model, coloristics, the construction of a composition to its brilliant performance.