Balagans, Kustodiev, 1917

Balagans, Kustodiev, 1917
Balagans, Kustodiev, 1917 - 1

  • Author: Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1917

Overview of the painting :

The balagans are Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 1917. Oil on canvas. 93×80

   Shrovetide is a wide, colorful, rampant and tasty holiday. Thus, he was portrayed by the Kustodiev in the picture. The booth is an indispensable attribute of Russian festivities. As the brightest example of folk art, he is the main source of inspiration for the artist.

   Fairy devils and parsley will jump, thugs will hit the drums. Noisy, fun, interesting. The colorful sled of the cabs delivered the steppe audience to the beginning of the festivities. Posters promise strong men and many other amusements. Near the shopping malls: hot mumps, pancakes, caviar, cold vodka. Carousels will spin all day for fun to people.

   And around winter, the trees are shrouded in dazzling yine. Frost. Spring is still only in hope…

   The year of creation of work is 1917. There were no oil sprays, there were no fun balagans. The picture is a memory of another, lost life.