Basket basket, Dali, 1945

Basket basket, Dali, 1945
Basket basket, Dali, 1945 - 1

  • Posted by Salvador Dali
  • Museum: Salvador Dali Museum
  • Year: 1945

Overview of the painting :

Basket basket – Salvador Dali. 1945. Oil on canvas. 34.7×43.5

   One of the simplest and mysterious works of the master. It is known that the author often wrote bread, his attitude to this object was very special, anxious.

   The end of the war, the end of suffering. The scrupulously written work is concise, but the viewer is not able to tear his gaze away from it. The interweaving of the rods of the basket fascinates, the realism of the texture of white bread delights. Only subtle problems with the prospect indicate that the author remains himself and his concurrent realism, nothing more than an illusion, a whim of genius.

   The black background allows the viewer to concentrate on the main objects.

   The forerunner of a peaceful life, the usual order of things…