Bathsheet at the fountain, Peter Paul Rubens, 1635

Bathsheet at the fountain, Peter Paul Rubens, 1635
Bathsheet at the fountain, Peter Paul Rubens, 1635 - 1

  • Posted by Peter Paul Rubens
  • Museum: Dresden Gallery
  • Year: 1635

Description of the picture :

Bathsheet at the fountain – Peter Paul Rubens. 1635. Oak board, butter. 175×126

   Rubens created a large number of paintings on biblical stories. To understand the work presented here, you need to know the biblical story, and the artist’s ingenuity in the transfer of his details is striking. King David once “went on the roof of the royal house and saw a woman swimming from the roof; and that woman was very beautiful. ”. It was Bathsheba, the wife of Uriya Hittite. In the upper left corner of the canvas on the roof of the palace, the figure of King David is barely visible, and Bathsheba Rubens showed behind the toilet on the site leading to the pool. David seduced her, and Uriah sent her to certain death.

   Attention attracted by a luxurious young woman; Rubens was a great master of the image of the female body, and he created his canon of beauty. Meanwhile, one cannot help but admire the ingenuity, with which the artist conveys subtle emotional moments of this scene: a surprised look of Bathsheba, not expecting to receive a letter from the hands of a black man sent to her (clear, that writing can only be love) dog reaction, galloping over the messenger and suspecting something was wrong (a woman sitting at the feet of a dog in the system of symbols of portrait painting of the Renaissance and Baroque personified marital fidelity). And how delightfully written female figures, flowing water, clothes and an architectural landscape are!