Before the crown, F. WITH. Zhuravlev, 1874

Before the crown, F. WITH. Zhuravlev, 1874
Before the crown, F. WITH. Zhuravlev, 1874 - 1

  • Author: Firs Sergeevich Zhuravlev
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1874

Overview of the painting :

Before the crown – Firs Sergeyevich Zhuravlev. 1874. Oil on canvas. 105×143

   Firs Sergeevich Zhuravlev (183b-1901) – a representative of genre painting of the second half of the 19th century. The heroes of his paintings are the characters of the “dark kingdom” A. N. Ostrovsky: cunning matchmakers, ruthless lenders who described the property, feasts who feasted at the wake.

   The literature of the plot is also inherent in the film “Before the Wenz.”. The artist depicts a drama unfolding during a blessing by his daughter’s father before the wedding. Women’s fate in the 19th century was unenviable – often parents married daughters according to calculation in order to improve the material well-being of the family. The wives of young brides became rich old men or wealthy, but unattractive men.

   The painter placed the multi-figure composition in the interior of the house, full of icons, which gives out to the owners of pious people. A father with an icon in her hands, who was lost at the sight of a sobbing daughter, and a mother who froze with a punishment on a tray, do not know how to behave in this unexpected and indecent awkward situation. The resentment of the groom in the background and the whispers of his relative do not portend a happy ending of the scene.

   For this, Zhuravlev received the title of academician and public recognition. It became so popular that he had to perform several options-repetitions. Later, the master’s paintings will be marked as the best illustrations of everyday life and morals of the 1860-1870s, and the well-aimed characteristics of human types and the characteristics of their behavior will become classic for understanding Russian culture.