Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet - 1

  • Date of birth: 23 Jan 1832
  • Date of death: 30 APR 1883
  • Country: France


One of the most outstanding painters of France, édouard Manet was born in 1832. The artist’s father held the prestigious post of judicial officer. Parents wanted to see my son, which would have gone in his father’s footsteps. However, the young man from an early age dreamed of artistic activity. Influenced by parents, young Manet made an attempt to enroll in one of the Maritime schools. Exam Manet does not stand up. After that, he goes on a journey to the shores of South America. The journey takes place on the ship “Le Havre and Guadeloupe”, where a young mane serves as a cabin boy.

During this long journey the boy draws a lot. This is mainly portraits and sketches of members of the crew of the ship. After returning from the journey, he tries again to enroll in the Marine school, where once again fails. After repeated setbacks, with the consent of the parents, Manet began to study painting. The training, which lasted for more than 6 years, is in the Studio Volume couture, quite a famous artist-academics. During his studies he made a trip to Germany, Italy and Czech Republic, where he met with the major museums and monuments of Europe. The training lasted until 1856.

With the end of the training period and up to 1870, Manet continues his career as an artist. The main technique in his work, remain figured compositions and portraits. During the German siege of Paris in 1870, the artist became a gunner and is in the ranks of the defenders of the city. He tries to capture the city during its blockade and starvation. In those same years, an acquaintance, and the communion of the artist with the famous Impressionists of the time such as Monet, Pissarro, Sisley, and others In the 1880-ies, when he was already seriously ill, Manet painted a number of still lifes, which was unusual for his style of portraits. He died in 1883 on April 30.

The work of this artist was not particularly recognized until the 1890s, when his picture was literally imposed on the Louvre Museum, friends. After that, Manet’s paintings began to acquire other museums and private collectors.