Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci - 1

  • Date of birth: 15 April 1452
  • Date of death: 2 may 1519
  • Country: Italy



Leonardo da Vinci can be safely attributed to the unique people of our planet… After all, he is known not only as one of the greatest painters and sculptors of Italy, and also as a great scientist, researcher, engineer, chemist, anatomist, botanist, philosopher, musician and poet. His creations, discoveries and research in one era ahead of time.

Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 near Florence, in Vinci (Italy). About da Vinci’s mother, we know relatively little information, only that she was a peasant girl, was not with his father Leonardo in the marriage and up to 4 years in education of the son in the village, after which he was transferred to the family of the father. But the father of Leonardo, Piero da Vinci, was quite a wealthy citizen, worked as a notary and also had possession of the land and the title of Messer.

Leonardo da Vinci elementary education, which included the ability to read, write, basic math and Latin were receiving at home. For many it was an interesting way of writing reflected in a mirror from left to right. Although if necessary I could easily write and traditional. In 1469, the son with his father moved to Florence, where Leonardo begins to study the profession of the artist, not the most revered at the time, although Piero and it was a desire that the son inherited the profession of notary. But at the time, an illegitimate could not be a doctor or a lawyer. And in 1472 Leonardo accepted the painters ‘ Guild of Florence, and in 1473 written the first dated work of Leonardo da Vinci. This landscape was depicted by a sketch of the river valley.

Already in 1481 – 1482 years. Leonardo was accepted into the service of the ruler of Milan at that time Lodovico Moro, where he performed the duties of organizer of the court festivities, and part-time military engineer, and hydraulic engineering. Doing architecture da Vinci had a huge impact on the architecture of Italy. In his writings he developed a variety of options a modern ideal city, as well as projects of the Central-domed Church.

At this time, Leonardo da Vinci tries himself in various scientific fields and practically everywhere reaches an unprecedented positive results, but can not find the necessary enabling environment in Italy at the time. So with great pleasure in 1517 accepts the invitation of the French king Francis I to the position of court painter and arrives in France. During this period the court of France tries quite actively to join the culture of the Italian Renaissance, so the artist is surrounded by universal veneration, though according to many historians, this veneration was more flashy and wore external. Undermined the power of the artist was on the limit and after two years, on may 2, 1519, Leonardo da Vinci died in the castle of Clos lucé, near Amboise, France. But despite a short career of Leonardo da Vinci has become a recognized symbol of the Renaissance.