Biography of Gustav Klimt

Biography of Gustav Klimt - 1

  • Date of birth: 14 July 1862
  • Date of death: 6 Feb 1918
  • Country: Austria


The article is dedicated to today’s event. 14 Jul 2012 Gustav Klimt would have been 150 years. Gustav Klimt an Austrian artist, born July 14, 1862. Many call him the founder of Austrian modernism. A painter painted mostly women, naked women. In his paintings are often attended by a Frank eroticism.

Klimt’s father was also a painter and an engraver on gold. The mother of all life dreamed of becoming a musician, but it never came. In the family of Klimov had 8 children, Gustav was born second.

The child child was in poverty, despite the good father’s profession. The country has not had a permanent job, so had to endure financial difficulties. To draw Gustav learned from his father, but in 1876 he enrolled in the art and craft school, which he entered in 1877 and his brother. All three sons of Ernest Klimt become future artists.

Brothers for a long time worked together, were decorated with frescoes, theatres, various buildings, museums. In 1888, Gustav received a well-deserved award – the Golden Cross from the Emperor Franz Joseph. All went well, and things went uphill, but in 1892 his father died and the brother of Gustav Klimt, and therefore, the entire responsibility for the support of the family fell on the shoulders of the artist.

Gustav Klimt wrote a lot especially when the family was out on the lake Attersee, and it was quite often. It was here that he fulfilled his beautiful landscapes. This is the only genre that interested in the artist, where it did not appear people. But despite this, many scientists find in the landscapes of Klimt the human figure, and this is the truth.

In 1894 Klimt received one of the large orders. Had to submit 3 paintings which decorated the ceiling of the University of Vienna. So, in 1900, were “Philosophy”, “Medicine” and “Jurisprudence”. But society did not accept these paintings, considering them too explicit and therefore not exposed at the University. It was the last public Commission of Klimt.

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Since the early 1900-ies begins the so-called “Golden period” of the artist. In receiving coverage the burden created such paintings as the “Palace of Athens”, “Judith” and others. At this time the society to perceive the work of Klimt, but not the only reason why this period is called the Golden. In the paintings of the artist very often is dominated by the color gold, gold that was very fond of his fans.

Gustav Klimt led a normal life, worked hard, and at home. He was a famous artist, so commissions came to him regularly, and taking it interesting. Women posed for him with great pleasure, some of them were prostitutes. Klimt said that the self-portraits of him to draw interesting much exciting to draw other individuals, and especially women. Gustav claimed that his paintings have a lot to say about it, you just get a good look at them.

February 6, 1918 Gustav Klimt biography ends. He died of pneumonia, carrying before it a stroke. He is buried in Vienna. Today, 150 years since the birth of this remarkable artist and this date should not go unnoticed. Well, as we promised at the end of this article you can see a video dedicated to the paintings of Gustav Klimt.