Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch - 1

  • Year of birth: 1450
  • Date of death: August 9, 1516
  • Country: Holland


Hieronymus Bosch called the “father of surrealism” and his paintings still amaze art lovers with their whimsical images.

Bosch is a nickname, and called for real artist Jeroen van aken. He was born in 1450 in the family of artists in the city of ‘ s-Hertogenbosch. Though Bosch’s father, and his grandfather was a good artists, yet his first teacher was D. Bouts – Dutch artist who was in town ‘ s-Hertogenbosch, and even sometimes lived for a long time.

Creativity Bosch began with paintings of parts of different altars, chapels. One of the first prominent works of Hieronymus Bosch was painting shutters of the altar at the Cathedral of St. John. It should be noted that this work is very much Philip the Beautiful, who later became king of Castile.

Bosch was a cheerful and sociable person, but beyond his village Aerosoft traveled very rarely, and in the neighborhood where he settled after his marriage.

The paintings of Hieronymus Bosch are still a mystery to art historians. In his account written about 40 paintings. Perhaps there are more, but the artist never signed his work.

Besides painting was engaged in the manufacture of prints, was a good blacksmith. One day he made a huge painting on the glass in the Church, and made a great metal frame.

Bosch’s paintings hung in many Royal courts, and been admired by his contemporaries. The life of Bosch ended the 9 of August 1516, in the city where he was born.