“Boiled”, Vasily Perov – overview of the painting

“Boiled”, Vasily Perov – overview of the painting
"Boiled", Vasily Perov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Author: Vasily Grigoryevich Perov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1863

Overview of the painting :

Sharmanshchik – Vasily Grigoryevich Perov. Oil on canvas. 30.5 x 25 cm
   The painting “Boatball” is written by V. G. On the first time he went to Paris, which he was awarded by the Imperial Academy of Arts. In this everyday scene, the artist showed the ability to convey the feelings of ordinary people in a psychological portrait.

   The canvas depicts a young man sitting on a stone shop. Next to him, the barrel organ is a tool with which the hero makes a living. A hand monkey sits on it in a small red hat with a feather; the animal usually amuses the audience, but now it is resting with the owner.

   The hero leaned over his instrument and thought: dark, even black eyes look at him absent-mindedly, one hand abdicatedly lies on his knee, the musician bit his other hand in thought. He is wearing a white shirt, a dark red vest, black trousers and a hat – the usual outfit of a French barrel organ.

   In the background is a dilapidated stone wall, grass and a bright sky with white clouds. Apparently, the time is noon: the barrel organ took off his jacket, and the hat protects him from the sun.

   The hero probably thinks about his future, about what fate he is destined for. And maybe he recalls the past and regrets something. As in many works of Perov, the background plays an important role: the collapsing wall seems to symbolize the shattered hopes of the charmer for a bright future.

   The artist raised a question relevant to many people: has life been wasted in vain? Maybe it’s time to follow the example of the hero of the picture and think about it? But, if a character exists in a static world, in reality there is always the opportunity to change oneself, make life better.

   The artist himself liked the paintings written abroad less than the rest: he believed that he understood foreigners worse and could not adequately convey their emotions. However, the image of the French barrel organ turned out to be extremely successful and complete of psychology.