Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro - 1

  • Date of birth: 10 Jul 1830
  • Date of death: 13 Nov 1903
  • Country: France


Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) — the oldest of the Impressionists. Born in the family of a merchant of goods in a port town on a small part of the Danish island of Saint Thomas, Antilles archipelago. In 1841 the parents of eleven-year-old Camille was sent to study in France, at the collège Passy. When he returned, he began working in his father’s shop in the port. Five years dutiful son was engaged in unloved business, hardly Urawa time on drawing.

In the early 1850’s, he became friends with the Danish artist of Melba, under his influence, threw a hateful trade, and in 1852 went with him to the Venezuelan capital Caracas. In 1854 Pissarro returned to St. Thomas, but a year later went to France, now forever. There he enters the School of fine arts. His emergence as an artist had a great influence of Corot and Courbet.

Acquainted with Monet and his work, he borrowed his principle of decomposition of the color. All the skills that the artist has perceived from their teachers, Pissarro was able to use in the work.

Since 1866 his palette increasingly vysvetlilas, he enthusiastically learned to write the air, penetrated by sunlight; thus he began to write with a spatula, transferring the sense form the large “luminous” strokes. As a result, he created his own firm and confident artistic style.