Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain - 1

  • Country: Spain
  • City: Barcelona
  • Address: Passeig de Gracia, 43

Who can explain the nature of genius? No. When facing a truly brilliant creation, thoughts, the feeling that you’re involved in great mystery, only by the fact of presence and contemplation, gives birth to great pride for himself, for his involvement in the humanity that gave rise to this great mystery. Good smile Creator, a genius sent as a gift to people for unspent for centuries the ability to appreciate beauty.

Antonio Gaudi in addition to Casa batlló couldn’t create, only because of this masterpiece, he went to the history of art as a genius of architecture. Today this house is one of the most famous landmarks of Barcelona. Day and night around the house batlló crowded with tourists. Enough external inspection. Someone always wants to go inside.

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Looks like Casa batlló

Worn and stained, the phrase “music frozen in stone” here, fortunately, is not necessary. Before the audience a show with a complex, intricate story. In six floors of Casa batlló in the most bizarre combinations mixed stone, light and color. All three components seemed to flow from one to the other – the house has no straight lines, angle, sharp ledge. Flowing forms create a sense of “fluidity”, elasticity and mobility of the entire building. That is why is born so many associations, so many guesses about the architectural idea. Someone sees the Casa batlló of the dragon slain by St. George, someone seems to be a magical castle from an old Catalan tales, and anyone finds out in the outline of the buildings the waves of the Mediterranean sea.

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What names are not invented by the inhabitants of Barcelona to Gaudi’s masterpiece – house of onlookers, the house of bones, house of the dragon. Undoubtedly only one statement: even more interesting inside than outside.

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How is the tour of the Casa batlló

The tour passes through the floor of the owners house (apartment), storage room and a Laundry room, an attic, a roof terrace, the Grand staircase and hall. Once an ordinary apartment building striking the inexhaustible imagination of the author, color scheme and play of a stone building with light falling inside through the fantastic Windows with coloured mosaic glass.

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Despite the intricate and custom interiors, each room houses are extremely cozy, comfortable and functional. The atmosphere of the house is filled with positive, joy and warmth. Every detail of the interior is like a rose herself, involved in a complex game of shape and energy.

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It is considered that Gaudi created within a certain architectural style, but to everyone it becomes clear that it is impossible none of the work of the great masters “squeeze” into the framework of any style. He – the style, the direction, the set of aesthetic features and ideology. It is hard to imagine, but gaudí is considered the harbinger of the era of rationalism. For external decorativeness and complexity of architectural solutions lie very rational decision: narrow and deep courtyard of Casa batlló, with the right selection of colors of veneers are bathed in uniform light. Such precise, mathematical and optical sound decisions at every step.

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About tickets and time work at Home

Tourists have the opportunity to visit this masterpiece of the great Catalan every day, seven days a week from 9 am to 9 PM. Admission ticket is 21,50 Euro. The price includes use of the audio guide. Discounts are provided for students, pensioners, children under seven years stay free of charge. Discounts are residents of Barcelona. We take pleasure in.

Better to buy tickets to visit Casa batlló. This will help to avoid queues and to see whether there is this day special events that restrict access to visitors.