“Children of Madonna”, Francisco Surbaran – overview of the painting

“Children of Madonna”, Francisco Surbaran – overview of the painting
"Children of Madonna", Francisco Surbaran - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Francisco de Surbaran
  • Museum: Metropolitan Museum
  • Year: Around 1632-1633

Overview of the painting :

Madonna’s childhood is Francisco Surbaran. Around 1632-1633. Oil on canvas. 116.8×94

   Francisco Surbaran wrote the little Virgin Mary in the image of a modern Spanish girl, with tears in his eyes and a touching prayer. The face of a beautiful child is facing the sky, and around, angels gathered in wordless reverence. Their faces are barely visible, they are like a saint’s halo surrounding a girl. Around the child grow flowers, a basket with a clean, white blanket. Nearby, on the table, a small book is a prayer book and scissors – a symbol of future initiation. To the left of Mary is a vase with flowering lilies, flowers of purity and integrity, and scarlet roses are a symbol of sacrificial love. On the child’s lap lies a flat, reddish-gray pillow with needlework – embroidery. Items remotely resemble a tombstone and shroud of Christ.

   By creating one of his most lyrical paintings, pleasing to a holy child, the artist still portrays him in a state of soulful prayer, aware of his destiny. Wanting to enhance the effect, the master brings to the picture elements of baroque theatricality: spread curtains, dark background and bright light falling on a face and, finally, glittering eyes from tears. The artist worships and empathizes with St. Mary the Virgin and makes him honor and empathize with his dear viewer.