Coal Museum (big Pete), England

Coal Museum (big Pete), England

Coal Museum (big Pete), England - 1

  • Country: England
  • City: Blaenavon
  • Address: Blaenafon NP4 9XP

   Museum the big pit is capable of impressing even the most experienced traveler. This is a real coal mine in Blaenavon classified as National museums, has all the “charms” of the underworld. The most famous attraction in Wales.

From the descent into this coal mine, located in the almost hundred-meter depth, get a huge shock, a real stress. Mine big pit – a challenge even for experienced miners, equipped in full. The weight of the standard equipment issued to the visitors of the Museum – about five pounds. Some guys completely do a regular dust mask and a miner’s helmet with a flashlight. To photograph these happy moments under the ground somewhat problematic, but in memory everything is fine is fixed: picture heavy everyday Welsh miners, among whom was even the kids.

Coal Museum (big Pete), England - 2
Visiting the Museum of coal in Blaenavonpeculiarly perceive the earth’s surface and the sunlight. By the way, as a guide here is the real miner, who with particular artistry will tell about the history of the local coal industry, tell a couple of original jokes and funny stories from his life.