Coptic Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Coptic Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Coptic Museum, Cairo, Egypt - 1

  • Country: Egypt
  • City: Cairo
  • Address: Mari Gerges, Misr El Kadima

Museums of Egypt are the most ancient and unusual museums in the world. Their attendance is growing every year. Tourists come here from different countries.

The huge popularity of the Coptic Museum in Cairo. This is the most famous and unique Egyptian Museum. It is located in Cairo, the oldest district of this beautiful city, the square Misr al-Kadima. It provided the richest collection of Coptic Christian art.

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This ancient Museum has existed since 1910, over 100 years. Founder and Director of this unique Museum was COPT Marcus Simaika. He is the owner of the very first exhibits of the Museum.

Before entering the Museum, you can see the remarkable sculpture of Marcus Simaikawhich was made by Russian sculptor B. O. Fredman-Jules Cluzel won. The monasteries and the Church donated to the Museum most of the exhibits, and a collection of original historical monuments in 1939, sent to the Cairo Museum.

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For many years the Foundation of the Museum in Cairo was added to various archaeological finds. The Coptic Museum in Cairo has 29 rooms, which are located in the old and new wings, which provided various items of culture and life of the Copts. Very original interior of the old wing: painted the ceiling of the ideal Egyptian painting, the Windows are beautiful carved wooden panel, and in the courtyard of the Museum of extraordinary fountains. There are about 1200 exhibits: ancient manuscripts and papyri, wooden panels, fabrics and embroidery, a large collection of icons, frescoes and stucco, weapons, gold coins.

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Very interesting and the Museum building is a specimen of Coptic art. Doors, window grills, balcony, door locks that once adorned churches and homes of Copts. The most amazing exhibits that the interests of all the tourists there are Coptic patch (the oldest manuscript in the world), 5th-6th century fresco depicting angels bearing Christ, and an interesting collection of handwritten fonts, and in 2006, the Museum has an amazing exhibit – 13 sheets of papyrus of the gospel of Judas.

After the reconstruction the Coptic Museum is again welcoming visitors. It is open every day from 9 to 16 hours, and on Friday from 9 to 11 and 13 to 16.