Crazy tower in Vienna, Austria: photo and description

Crazy tower in Vienna, Austria: photo and description

Crazy tower in Vienna, Austria: photo and description - 1

  • Country: Austria
  • City: Vienna
  • Address: Spitalgasse 2

Crazy tower in Vienna is one of the most terrible and fascinating places in the world. And it’s not just words. Everyone who ever visited this dark place, never forget it. The fact that the Tower is crazy contains within its walls the Museum of pathology.

In the building you can see the different parts and organs of the human body. Their alcoholized in a special solution and placed in different vessels. Almost all organs have undergone genetic mutation. The tower represents all human fears. For lovers of high doses of adrenaline in the blood is the most suitable place. Terrifying experiences will be provided to you.

Crazy tower in Vienna, Austria: photo and description - 2
The Museum is located in the tower. From afar, the room looks very intimidating. If you look at the sinister architectural appearance of the tower, then the feeling will be like from watching a horror movie like “silent hill”. And I must say that the creators of the game involved a visual view of the tower in one of its levels.

In the capital of Austria is the University campus. It is this mysterious tower. It was built in the XVIII century. Her first mission was an insane asylum. A careful examination of the plan clearly its original purpose.

The building has five floors and two courtyards inside. On all floors are the same size rooms for sick people. Except the rooms, each floor is equipped with a ring-shaped corridor. The crazy house in Vienna did not last long, namely, from 1784 to 1786 years.

Museum of human vices

After the room ceased to perform the function originally intended, it was given over to the Museum of pathology. Today there are a large number of mysterious artifacts. They all, in one way or another, associated with deviations of the human body in the field of gynecology, or exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

In this terrible Museum is a lot of organs of the human body in pickled form. Of them the special attention of the visitors evoke the human skull and genitals subjected to mutation. Of course, the exhibits of the Tower is crazy will be interesting to consider not all. But, for fans of all extreme and creepy, this is the place which should be visited in the Austrian capital.

Also, the crazy Tower has a instructive influence on people, leading a promiscuous sexual life. And in this age of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, is very important. Vienna Museum of pathology is a real reminder to humanity of its vices. It is unique in its kind.

Crazy tower in Vienna, Austria: photo and description - 3

The riddle Tower is crazy

During the Second World war, the premises of the present Museum repeatedly bombed. During one of them destroyed one of the most valuable exhibits of the Museum – a famous sculptural group of the Laocoon. It was manufactured from animal bones. But, according to the legends associated with the Tower crazy in the sculpture group are present and bones.

Today to prove this is almost impossible. The sculptural group represents the struggle of the Laocoon with snakes. In the Vatican, in the Museum Clementino, is the exact analogue of this famous sculpture, but it is a copy of a bronze statue made in the two hundred year BC. The original sculpture of the Laocoon has not been preserved.