Creation of animals, Jacopo Tintoretto, 1550

Creation of animals, Jacopo Tintoretto, 1550
Creation of animals, Jacopo Tintoretto, 1550 - 1

  • Posted by Jacopo Tintoretto
  • Museum: Academy Gallery
  • Year: 1550

Overview of the painting :

Creation of animals – Jacopo Tintoretto. 1550. Oil on canvas. 151×258

   Tintoretto combined Venetian colorism and Florentine-Roman plasticism in his work. However, his painting is a unique phenomenon due to theatrical and stage effects, unusual compositional solutions, including unexpected angles, and a free writing style in which a special expressive language was created.

   Tintoretto’s compositional decision borrows from the Titian canvas “Wack and Ariadne”. Here is almost the same landscape against the background, but unlike the work of Titian, the heavenly vault along which the flying figure of the Creator moves, shrouded in golden glow, is still immersed in twilight. Birds quickly break out from under His hands, small animals just born of divine will “push” on the earth, and large animals follow him, even unicorns among them. As a true resident of the maritime republic, Tintoretto paid special attention to fish, painting them so that various species can be determined.

   For the first time in many centuries, curators used the picture to display in the context of the art of our days. This happened at the Venice Biennale in 2011. Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Tintoretto canvas was the highlight of a huge exhibition dedicated to the most relevant phenomena of modern art!