“Cross-Dance Dance”, Peter Braigel Sr. – a description of the picture

“Cross-Dance Dance”, Peter Braigel Sr. – a description of the picture
“Cross-Dance Dance”, Peter Braigel Sr. - a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by Peter Braigel Sr
  • Museum: Museum of the History of the Arts, Vienna
  • Year: 1567

Description of the picture :

Peasant dance – Peter Braigel the Elder. Wood, butter. 114 x 164 cm

   Brightly, colorful, dynamically depicted by the master of the brush Peter Braigel. The eldest picture is “Cross-Iranian dance”. Artwork was painted in oak wood in the style of the Northern Renaissance. Her plot is a genre scene. The author’s work is a continuation of the stories of the series about peasants. He loved his people very much and dedicated his best brilliant creations to this topic.

   The picture depicts a village street holiday. Folk walking “boils” in full power! In the center of the artistic composition, rural residents walk and dance. The artist talentedly created an emphasis on this story. A man plays the bagpipes. A fellow student sits next to him and holding a jug of wine in his hands listens to funny music. She pours beautifully and incendiaryly, capturing people who came to the holiday. A man and a woman in a scarf are in a hurry to join this grooving. At the table are peasants. They talk lively, drink beer, argue, waving their hands. Behind them is a couple in love. Young people are busy with themselves, do not notice anything around and kiss. Both children and adults are having fun. They dance together holding hands. Everyone is in a great mood! In the midst of fun at the door of the inn, the couple quarreled. The husband pulls his wife by the hands of him, probably he wants to take her home. Around the village street are peasant bundles, in the background of the picture a church is visible in the distance.

   Peter Braigel in his artwork in all its glory showed the Dutch people who know how to enjoy life! People are able not only to work, but also to relax with taste! The picture is filled with creative inspiration, bright colors of optimism and good, cheerful energy. Fireworks of joy “babbles” the fountain of happiness! The artist used color spots in his work, emphasizing the energetic and perky rhythm of the dancers. Everything is spinning in a dynamic movement and captivates to the world of the holiday! It seems that music, conversations, laughter of people transmitting a sense of delight are heard. With such wonderful pleasure, the peasants rest at their leisure! The artist seems to be observing a fun walk from the side, trying to capture every moment of life.

   The picture brings light, joy, charges with favorable energy, inspires confidence, heals from depression. Contemplating reproduction, I want to be a participant in the holiday, immerse myself in an atmosphere of happy events. The artistic masterpiece will look great in the home interior of the living room and nursery, giving vivid, interesting, bright impressions!!!