“Culls. Sunset ”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov – overview of the painting

“Culls. Sunset ”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov – overview of the painting
"Culls. Sunset ”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov - overview of the painting - 1

    • Posted by Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov
    • Museum: Nizhny Novgorod Art Museum
    • Year: 1922

Overview of the painting :

Seagulls. Sunset – Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. Oil on canvas. 83 x 131 cm
Picture “Culls. Sunset ”written by Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov in 1922. Both images, reflected in the title, are very characteristic of the artist’s work. We can say that this canvas accumulates his most famous works, created shortly before the writing of “Culls” – “Hunset” and “In the blue expanse”. Free birds flying over the sea, and infernally bright, ominous colors of the setting sun – this picture resulted in a certain quintessence of the formed style.

The sun has almost gone beyond the horizon and is only visible as a small yellow dot, flashing with a crimson. On the water you can see the golden path: a little more – and the sun will finally hide. The sky, however, has not yet completely darkened, on the contrary, it is still clean and bright, casting in gold.

Apparently, the weather in the picture is depicted good, relatively calm, since the waves are small, and the figures of gulls do not impress the intense struggle with the elements. Birds soar in the sky, sit on the shore and soar up, there are several dozen of them, and the plumage of gulls harmonizes with small white “barashki” of waves.

Bright, saturated, contrasting colors, playing with all kinds of shades and overflows, are used to depict the sea, the coast and the sky. The winding edge of the shore on which the seagulls landed seems dark purple, and the water is poured in all tones from orange to green.

Being a great master in the field of light and color reproduction, Arkady Alexandrovich created a magnificent landscape, it would seem, on a trivial theme, but conveyed the image so that even after 100 years from the date of writing the picture, the viewer dies in admiration for this masterfully written way.