Cupid complains to Venus, Lucas Kranach

Cupid complains to Venus, Lucas Kranach
Cupid complains to Venus, Lucas Kranach - 1

  • Posted by Lucas Kranach Sr
  • Museum: National Gallery (London)
  • Year: 1525

Overview of the painting :

Cupid complains to Venus – Lucas Kranach. 1525. 81.3 x 56.4 cm

   The famous painting of Kranakh, dedicated to ancient heroes, Kupidon and his mother Venus, carries a lot of hidden connotation. Contemplation of work begins with the words written in the upper right corner of the picture about how close pain and pleasure coexist with each other.

   With the deceiving transparency of the plot – a cupid wounded by bees, squeezing in the hands of a hundredth, turns to his mother for sympathy, but she does not think to console him, the meaning of the canvas is much deeper.

   Venus frankly poses for the public. A figure pulled up, a captivating look, slightly placed legs on opposite sides of the branch – eroticism and sexuality of clean water, promising dangerous pleasures. The author is clearly making a reference to his modernity. On Venus, the jewelry worn by Saxon girls is a contemporary of Kranakh, and against the backdrop of the rocks a classic German castle appears, and the river and forest landscape is already very characteristic of German painting.

   Cupid shows the viewer that sometimes having experienced pleasure you inevitably need to wait for reckoning, and in his case these are bees. And the defiantly frank Venus hints that it is not necessarily about paying for pleasure only for honey …