Dressing Minerva, Lavinia Fontana, 1613

Dressing Minerva, Lavinia Fontana, 1613
Dressing Minerva, Lavinia Fontana, 1613 - 1

  • Posted by Lavinia Fontana
  • Museum: Borghese Gallery
  • Year: 1613

Overview of the painting :

Dressing Minerva – Lavinia Fontana. 1613. Oil on canvas. 260×190
   Born in the artist’s family, Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614) received painting lessons from her father Prospero. In her works, she developed the traditions of the Bologna Academic School inherited from him and often turned to the characters of ancient mythology.

   This picture depicts Minerva, identified by the Romans with Athena Pallas. The goddess of wisdom and the patroness of the soldiers is represented dressing in her outfit. On the floor lie her armor – a helmet, a shield, a ciras, at the exit to the balcony there is a spear. The heroine’s rich colors, in which red and golden tones predominate, obscure the heroine, hone the heroine’s graceful body. The tuberty reigning in the canvas due to the presence of ammunition, magnificent drapery and determination, with which Minerva is dressed in clothes, is combined with the tenderness of her appearance. The emur, raising the helmet of the goddess, brings to the canvas a light, playful stream characteristic of the painting of the academicians.