“Evening Sun,” Joaquin Sorolla – overview of the painting

“Evening Sun,” Joaquin Sorolla – overview of the painting
“Evening Sun,” Joaquin Sorolla - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Joaquin Sorolla
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1903

Overview of the painting :

The foremost sun is Joaquin Sorolla. Oil on canvas. 299 x 441 cm

   The remarkable painting “Evening Sun” was written by artist Joaquin Sorolla in 1903. An artistic masterpiece was created in the genre of impressionism.

   Joaquin Sorolla depicted an interesting plot in the picture. At sunset, fishermen and pets gathered on the sea coast. Bulls pull boats from the sea under sails. They help people pull sailboats out of the water. First, the fishermen are driven into the sea to a great depth, then harnessed to boats and the troubled animals drag them ashore first, swim, then drag them in a loady, slow step along the sandy bottom. The sea is slightly storming. Waves rise and foam, a white sail flutters in the wind. He was blown up all over and the boat was tilted on his side. Men sitting in it hold bulls for reins to direct them to the right course.

   The picture is painted in bright colors, illuminated by the glare of the evening sun. The light color scheme is in a good mood, passing all the shades of sunset. The sea splashes with colorful tones of waves: blue, blue, lilac, azure, turquoise, yellow. The sky in the tower plays with rainbow colors. Light shafts convey the inner core of artwork, creating an unusual appearance of the picture. The sun is in no hurry to go beyond the horizon. The moments of the day are gone …

   Peasant fishing life captivates with its originality. Joaquin Sorolla talentedly transferred the hard work of fishermen and their fishing in his work. The artist often painted in open spaces, where the canvas is flooded with sunlight. Perhaps he depicted this plot from nature. The master of the brush loved talking with fishermen, learning a lot about their life.

   The picture gives love for the world around us, brings bright optimism, good and prosperity. It is pleasant to contemplate, thinking about the history of past centuries. Art work transforms and carries a spiritual incentive.