“Family Portrait”, Pavel Filonov – overview

“Family Portrait”, Pavel Filonov – overview
"Family Portrait", Pavel Filonov - overview - 1

  • Author: Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1924

Overview of the painting :

Family portrait – Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov. Watercolor, paper. 31 x 51 cm
   The touching watercolor “Family Portrait” was written by Filonov in 1924. Family values were not an empty phrase for the Philos. The artist lost his father and mother as a child. Throughout his life, he was very close with his sisters.

   After the tragic events, Alexander’s older sister took care of the family. Her financial situation allowed the brothers and sisters to be transferred to their home. Pavel Nikolaevich was difficult to survive the changes, continued to sleep on the mattress and wondered why the servant did not sit at the table during dinner.

   Sister’s spouse Alexander Gue turned out to be a wonderful person who calmly took his brothers, sisters and grandmother’s wife for maintenance. Alexander Gue noticed Paul’s talent and arranged him for training.

   In the picture, the artist depicted his sisters with children, as well as the wife of Evdokia Glebova (Filonova) Nikolai Glebova. It was Yevdokia who subsequently became the keeper of the paintings of Pavel Filonov.

   The family gathered at the table to celebrate Easter’s bright holiday. The meal consists of chokes, cottage cheese, pies. In front of the baby there is a bowl that adds religiosity to the plot.

   The views of some characters in the picture are facing a woman with a baby in her arms. The figure of the mother and the child represents the center of the composition of the work, which may be an analogy to the image of the Virgin.

   Filonov always wrote his relatives with great tenderness and love. I recall the amazing portraits of Evdokia Nikolaevna, Arman Francevich Azizber with his son.

   “Family Portrait” resembles photographs of an old album that the author looks through and recalls friendly home gatherings and communication with native people.