“February Lazur”, Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar – overview of the painting

“February Lazur”, Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar – overview of the painting
"February Lazur", Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Igor Emmanuelovich Grabar
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1904

Overview of the painting :

February Lazur – Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar. Oil on canvas. 141 x 83 cm

   A magnificent artistic masterpiece was written by the painter I. Uh. Grabar! How much light, brilliance, kindness, poetry is in it! The artist idolized Russian nature. He has been in love with her beauty since childhood. He especially loved the master of winter landscapes. He was inspired by crystal frost, snow-capped trees, bushes and paths, blue sky and sunlight illuminating Russian snow expanses.

   The painting “February Lazure” is an extraordinary work of art! It is written after Igor Grabar’s walk through the winter forest of Moscow Region. It seems that the artist painted it from below, located on the snow. Admiring birch trees in a grove, the artist accidentally dropped the bag, bent to raise it and looked from the bottom up. What opened his eyes, he depicted houses on a canvas.

   Upstairs to the blue skies go the snow-white trunks of the birch trees. Their branches, like white threads of patterns, spread to the sides, creating bizarre drawings against the sky. This could be noticed only by a very observant person. The artist experienced fabulous inspiration to create this amazing picture. He saw a wonderful landscape in the frosty, sunny morning, walking through the forest. He was fascinated by the color of the azure heavens and nature in her fragrant radiance.

   On the trees you can see the old, withered foliage, covered with silver yine. Nature “smiled” to him and “positioned.”. These beautiful moments the brush master captured in memory. The artist used in his work a combination of all delicate colors and shades. A magic fairy tale came to life before his eyes!

   In the picture, the coming arrival of spring is felt. Everything froze in anticipation of her. A clear, sunny day captivates with the harmony of the universe. Radiation-free turquoise overflows of light pour in stream to the earth and into the surrounding space. In such indescribable beauty of nature, the artist stayed until dinner. Clean, fresh air filled the winter landscape with special uniqueness.

   The foreground of the picture is the majestic silhouettes of birch trees in the snow. The trunk of one of them is smoothly curved, as if she was spinning in a dance with her forest friends. A small birch grove drowns in a winter dream, but still her dream is short-lived. Snow will melt very soon, birds will sing, the first greens will appear and … spring will take its right.

   In the background of the composition, the artist depicted the forest. It extends across the field with a long brown-white strip under blue skies. Above the forest in the sky is a fantastic cloud in the form of a large heart. This is a good sign. The soul of nature reveals its arms to one who notices this unusual miracle. The master of the brush Igor Grabar is an incredibly happy person! He saw in nature many interesting and unusual things. The artist portrayed the heart, passing on to the viewer his love for the world and his native places.

   From the canvas blows pure grace. I want to be in this winter forest and enjoy the breath of nature. The heart freezes from the contemplation of this fabulous landscape. The picture gives a great mood and positive, charges with favorable energy, creates a spiritual relaxation.

   Igor Grabar is a great connoisseur of nature, who has put all feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations into his unique creation. In the winter forest, the brush master was in unity with nature. She immersed him in the magical magical atmosphere of earthly being. There he drew inspiration and gained strength for further work.

   The landscape is simply fantastic! Colors amaze with their magnificent combination. Blue color pours magnificent shades. Here is ultramarine, turquoise, azure, whiteness, silver, pearls, light lilacs. The artist talentedly used the smears of impressionism. The picture creates a real holiday! She conveys living reality. Everything is so bright, colorful, picturesque in it. Tones are warm, pastel, saturated with different colors. Art work looks like a “living” photograph. The gift of the artist is brilliant.

   Sometimes I. Uh. Grabar painted in the winter on the street. The paint froze in the cold, so it worked very quickly. Despite the cold, the master of the brush master master master master master masterly performed creative composition. The painting “February Lazure” is a treasure and storehouse of real painting! All important points are talentedly conveyed in it. To draw such a job is a huge art!

   The canvas attracts attention with its originality. You can look at it endlessly. Beautiful, winter nature delights and inspires. Grabar is an excellent artist who knows how to see and create beautiful on canvas. He was one of the rare people who realized the dream. His work is incomparable. They give people light, love and harmony. Thanks to Igor Emmanuilovich for his work!