“First greens”, Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov – overview of the painting

“First greens”, Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov – overview of the painting
"First greens", Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov
  • Museum: Tretyakov Gallery
  • Year: 1887

Overview of the painting :

The first greens are Ilya Semenovich Ostroukhov. Oil on canvas. 105 x 71 cm

   This canvas was dated by the author himself in the late years of his life, so there are different dates of creation. Be that as it may, the picture was written, bought in 1888 by Pavel Tretyakov for his gallery and exhibited in 1889-1890 at the XVII exhibition of editorial artists.

   As in most other paintings by the artist, the competent construction of the composition and the surprisingly realistic reproduction of the landscape are impressive in this canvas. But this is not a mechanical copying of reality, not photography – it is a high-quality art work performed with feeling and soul. No wonder the picture made a favorable impression on critics and caused positive feedback.

   In the foreground of the canvas, the artist captured fragile and subtle Russian beasts with barely piercing young greenery. They look ajur and very light against the backdrop of calm grayish-blue water, which reflects the same faded sky. There is no real heat yet, but the sun managed to melt the snow and ice. Nature felt liberation and strives to break free with all its might. This is emphasized by lush greenery growing at the base of the trees.

   The same thin and fragile birches grow at the very edge of the water, under a steep steep coast. On the other side of the river grow larger and older trees, still completely naked, but abundantly decorated with black caps of crow’s nests. And around, where you don’t look, the green forest extends – still weak, translucent, but already striving to gain full strength after a long cold winter.

   The snake-eating river goes into the distance, and then is lost among the trees and their reflections in the waters. It gives the canvas the volume and necessary dynamics, emphasizes the time of year and quiet, clear weather. In general, the picture leaves a joyful feeling of freshness of awakening nature.