First stamp: the Penny Black

the world's first stamp the penny black

First adhesive postage stamp of the world was the Penny Black stamp. It was published in the United Kingdom. The first stamp people could buy on 6 May 1840, but it was presented offstage at 5 days before ( 1 May 1840). It contains portrait of Queen Victoria in profile and was in circulation until February 1841.

Features of the Penny Black

color: black
sheets: 286.700
total stamps: 68.808.000
cost of a rare stamp (1-5 May 1840, before the official sale): about 5 million US$

penny black 175th anniversary

In 2015, the 175th anniversary was released many copies of “PB”. I have one. And what about you? 🙂

first stamp 1840 penny black

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