“Fishing market on the banks of the river,” Jan Braigel Sr. – a description of the picture

“Fishing market on the banks of the river,” Jan Braigel Sr. – a description of the picture
“Fishing market on the banks of the river,” Jan Braigel Sr. - a description of the picture - 1

    • Posted by Jan Braigel Sr
    • Museum: Pinacotka, Munich
    • Year: 1605

Description of the picture :

The fish market on the banks of the river is Jan Braigel the Elder. Wood, butter. 58.5 x 91.5 cm

Flemish painter Jan Braigel Sr. has a wide range of creativity – landscapes and still lifes, biblical and mythological topics, genre scenes and miniatures. Especially good landscapes with his author’s recognizable style, for which he received the nickname Velvet. Even such a seemingly mundane view of the market is full of overflows, heat and softness.

The author opens before us the Flemish market and river landscape. On this simultaneously genre and landscape composition, Braigel draws scenes of the fish market. Fishing is very important for the town, perhaps this is one of the main livelihoods, judging by the large number of small and large vessels.

Now the boats are on the joke, and since the early morning, the fishermen went out onto the river to deliver a fresh catch to the buyer. Trade in fish is in full swing, there are many people, they walk, trade, buy and sell, clean fish. The market is not only a place of purchase and sale, it is also a place for communication, judging by the group on the left side of the canvas. Both artisans, and fishermen, and the elderly lord, and just onlookers, are all passionate about some kind of conversation or discussion.

The picture is filled with many details that are carefully written out, especially interesting clothes. It immediately shows where the master and fishermen are, and where the important gentlemen and matrons are. The front edge of the canvas is bright and picturesque. Further, along with the river leaving in perspective, a panorama of the city with houses and towers, blue mountains and the sky opens.

The author has written many paintings on the plots of village life on the banks of the river. He glorifies and praises the “popular” theme, which began to actively introduce itself into academic painting at that time. And this work of Jan Braigel the Elder is filled with the calm course of the river and the course of life – simple, labor, everyday, mundane, but very necessary.