“Flords and a bird”, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky – overview of the painting

“Flords and a bird”, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky – overview of the painting
“Flords and a bird”, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Ivan Fomich Khrutsky
  • Museum: National Art Museum of Belarus
  • Year: 1833

Overview of the painting :

Fruits and a bird – Ivan Fomich Khrutsky.

   The chic art work “Flords and Bird” was written by the painter I. F. Khrutsky! The painting was created in the style of classicism.

   A picturesque masterpiece captivates with its beauty! The artist put his whole soul into it. The picture gives the impression of a “living composition.”. It depicts the fruits of apples, grapes, raspberries. Nature is divine and pleases us with its perfection! The mastery of the artist is unusual!

   The white deep plate on the table is filled with red and juicy raspberries. The fruits “drag” in front of our eyes! They are fresh and soulful. Near the plate are several elements of berries: three dropped out of the “nozdyshka”, one unripe and ripe in speck. Large apples are painted in a large basket, presumably the White Drain variety. A thin, elegant grape cluster is thrown through the basket. The berries are poured with juice, and from this they shine and overflow. In the foreground are three slices of apple.

   On the right is a glass of water. On its edge is a small bird of dark green color. She leaned her body deep into the glass to drink cool water. This is a home canary! She feels comfortable among aromatic fruits. Still life with the presence of a bird revitalizes the picture, giving it a special charm.

   The colors in the picture are calm, with a predominance of brown and dark green tones. Around the composition are maple leaves. The approach of autumn is felt. The artist captured the transition season on canvas when August gives people his generous harvest.

   In the background of the picture is a golden candlestick with a rotten candle upstairs. He brings interesting motives to the still life. The picture is simply amazing! This artistic treasure is one of I.’s best creations. AT. Khrutsky, bewitching with his beauty!

   The composition gives light, joy, good, love, delight! It charges with favorable energy, develops observation, imagination and imagination. Looking up her eyes resting; fatigue leaves; internal tension disappears. Living nature is pristine, and its artistic image is complete! Every subtle connoisseur of art will feel it. The picture will look great in the home interior of the living room, bedroom, children’s, work room, as well as in children’s and educational institutions.