“Flowers in the blue vase,” Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel – overview of the painting

“Flowers in the blue vase,” Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel – overview of the painting
“Flowers in the blue vase,” Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Mikhail Vrubel
  • Museum: Museum “Kiev Art Gallery”
  • Year: 1886

Overview of the painting :

Flowers in the blue vase – Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel. Watercolor, paper. 16 x 24 cm
   Among the works of Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel there are very accurate and sophisticated images of flowers. With a square paint or pencil, the artist creates not only drawings, but also sketches for painting porcelain, patterns for embroidery, and paints a fan. At the same time, enthusiastically and very realistically draws both luxurious roses and orchids, as well as simple heliotrops, forget-me-nots, field modest flowers. Many of these sketches have been preserved thanks to his students, who transferred his work to the Kiev Museum, including this is a small bouquet drawing in a vase.

   The harmonious combination of the shades of fluffy hats of hydrangeas: snow-white, shining in the light, and thick lilacs, changing their shades from pale purple to deep purple, gives rise to a gentle, romantic mood. Between them, ajur sprig of small, fragile inflorescence of the lily, which give the bouquet lightness and grace, are visible. Joy and energy are added by wonderful terry flowers of runningonia, similar to small roses, iridescent with juicy scarlet and red-orange paints.

   Light, spring greens of leaves framed a bouquet from below. Another bright detail on the sketch is a ceramic vase with wide handles of saturated dark blue tone of the night sky.

   The background of the picture is only intended for blurry dark brown, almost black, and gray spots that emphasize the brightness and liveliness of the image.

   With small, quick strokes, the master applies paints: with the finest, translucent layer, trying to emphasize the airiness and trepidation of the flower, or with thick, dense layers, transmitting the natural beauty and natural color of living petals. The play of light and shadow in the figure, giving the image volume, is perfectly conveyed.

   The picture gives a feeling of slight romantic and spirituality, freshness of spring morning, a cool breeze, fascinates with the enchanting charm of every petal.