“Forest Stream”, Meat-eaters – overview of the painting

“Forest Stream”, Meat-eaters – overview of the painting
"Forest Stream", Meat-eaters - overview of the painting - 1

  • Author: Grigory Grigoryevich Mäsoedov
  • Museum: V. Irkutsk Regional Art Museum.P. Sukacheva
  • Year: 1890

Overview of the painting :

Forest Stream – Grigory Grigoryevich Mäsoedov. 1890. Oil on canvas. 75 x 56 cm

   This is an amazingly realistic image of a stream flowing through a dense deciduous forest, accurately conveys a feeling of moist, even damp air and a subtle aroma of greenery. Standing next to this canvas, as if you hear a gentle buzzing stream, rustling of herbs and leaves, numerous muffled sounds characteristic of the forest.

   With a minimal variety of color media, the image turned out to be surprisingly authentic and voluminous. The play of light is very accurately conveyed, in which the sun’s rays break through the green mass of leaves at oblique angle and lay characteristic spots on the grass at the foot of the trees and the surface of the water.

   Forest stream is quite wide, its surface is calm, quiet enough, covered with thin film formed due to the abundance of greenery. In dark water, trees are not too obvious, hidden, giving the already sufficiently volumetric canvas depth and expressiveness.

   The picture depicts only water and trees, but there is a small detail that emphasizes the “inhabitability” of this forest. In the foreground, where the waters of the stream are quite widely spilled if the finely drawn circles on the water. They are usually formed if the fish pops up to breathe to the surface or some insect took off, hitting the water surface. Or maybe it was a frog? The artist leaves us with this little secret, a hint of a hidden life under the dense forest canopy.

Option 2

   Wide dusty steppes or snowy forests, bred bread fields or sea element – such a different and always beautiful nature captivated artists. In an effort to express their feelings, they created a huge variety of landscapes – from panoramic, epic, to lyrical, chamber. Grigory Grigoryevich Myasoedov liked to write such landscape-building landscapes, conveying in his works the charm of his estate near Poltava.

   Hot spring day. It beckons a cool forest, thick crowns give a shadow, flushing with each other in the tower. Slender trees stand by the wall, reflected in the almost motionless expanse of the forest stream, which slowly flows among the shores overgrown with high grass and shrubs. Flexible branches lean to the water itself, sunspots lie on large leaves. Quietly, not the slightest blow of the breeze, everything froze in a midday dream. The fish splashed softly – and only circles slowly diverge on the water surface, and among the blue reflection of the sky, funny solar bunnies sparkle.

   The creek takes a look after itself, to the sun-drenched clearing hiding behind the trees. In juicy greenery, a scattering of delicate white flowers is visible. In the distance, behind the wicker fence, the white walls of a small hut are visible.

   The artist very accurately conveyed the play of light and shadows on the grass and trees. A rich palette of saturated flowers impresses with its diversity: a calm range of black-green, grassy, malachite shades is replaced by joyful and radiant, gently green, light-lime colors. Under bright rays, gold and silver sparks of young leaflets shine, with soft reddish-brown tones, trunks glow.

   The quiet charm of the forest corner is enchanting, the picture captivates with its personality and tranquility. Very expressive, filled with life, she calls to walk along the forest stream, inhale the heated air filled with the aroma of a variety, admire the play of weightless shadows on spring foliage.