“Funny drinking companion,” France Hals – a description of the picture

“Funny drinking companion,” France Hals – a description of the picture
“Funny drinking companion,” France Hals - a description of the picture - 1

  • Posted by France Hals
  • Museum: Reyksmuseum
  • Year: 1630

Description of the picture :

Funny drinking companion – France Hals. Oil on canvas. 81 x 66.5 cm

   France Hals, as one of the most worthy representatives of the “golden age” of Dutch painting and a great portrait painter, knows how to give individuality to each portrait. At the same time, one can even say that appearance is not so important to him. He knows how to be distracted from her, passing on that energy and vitality of every hero who can lead to admiration of the author, and therefore the viewer too.

   So, in one of Harlem’s zucchini, they looked under the color character, the image of which was subsequently embodied in the picture “The Merry Companion”. What a sparkling joy and energy blows from this work of Hals. The viewer is looked at by the tip, with a red nose and cheeks, but an infectiously happy man. And with all his heart he wants to share his little happiness with everyone, holding out a glass of white wine and greeting his new friends with the gesture of his right hand. His broad-faced hat is shifted back, opening a hot but good-natured face.

   Art critics are called typical of Hals by performance. And this, indeed, is how the author finds out right away – from the magnificent and realistic image of the caftan, belt, halons and lace depots on the harrow collar, from the warm golden brown colors, from the sweeping, as if “buttoned” smears, by how acutely the very essence of the character is captured.

   Perhaps nowhere will there be more living emotions, funny stories and situations than in the life and relaxation of a simple people. A Dutch painter like no one else knew this and always took the moment to draw another laughing person, a fisherman or gypsy, musician or innkeeper.

   The artist is always bribed by their sincerity, energy, relaxedness and naturalness, thanks to which they are ready to rejoice every day and the simplest and most unpretentious things.