“Get in Gurzuf,” Konstantin Korovin – overview of the painting

“Get in Gurzuf,” Konstantin Korovin – overview of the painting
“Get in Gurzuf,” Konstantin Korovin - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Konstantin Korovin
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1914

Overview of the painting :

Marina in Gurzuf – Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin. 1914. Oil on canvas. 89 x 121 cm

   This picture refers to the best paintings of Korovin, created by him during the First World War. He always liked Crimea, here he was more than once, and everyone aroused enthusiasm in him. Although the reason for the visit in 1914 was sad and was associated with his son Alexei, the artist found the strength to write amazing in depth and ease of perception of the canvas.

   This picture depicts a pier in the small resort town of Gurzuf, very popular with the then vacationing audience. The canvas is written in exclusively cheerful and bright colors, perfectly reflecting the roast Crimean summer. Landscape is flooded with sun, so there are clear shadows and incredible sunshine on the water. The entire image is created by numerous, energetic and sweeping strokes that give the picture dynamics and expressiveness. Smears of different sizes, densities and colors, so the colors on the canvas literally spill over and glow.

   Before the audience, a normal day from the life of the spa workers unfolds: under a canopy in the shade, a woman in a white summer dress and a large hat decorated with red and pink flowers. In front of her on the table are several bottles of colored drinks and a filled glass. The table has two more chairs pushed back so that it becomes clear: just a minute ago, two more people were sitting here.

   A colorful landscape unfolds behind the back of a woman. A large sailboat with deployed sails floats floats across the sea, people crowd on the pier, it seems that they are waiting for the ship to arrive. Most likely, these people go swimming or are waiting for those who arrive on the schooner. Around the splashes and the waves of the Black Sea spill over. The background of this lyrical and joyful image is the city, climbing stairs along the steep coast. It is impossible to distinguish a specific image of individual components, and this is not required. The city is a cluster of white and colored houses, with juicy spots scattered across the canvas. From the picture literally comes a hot summer nega.

   The sky is written in an equally expressive and energetic manner. On it are clouds rising from the Crimean mountains, but they almost merge from the blue-bearing sky, adding lilac, grayish and blue colors to it. Multidirectional smears add airiness and mobility, make the clouds more real, “tangible.”.

   The picture pleases with light and color, there is no tension and fear in it, as if there is no war and misfortunes. This canvas is a dream of happiness, full, endless, calm.