“Gifts of the Autumn”, Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov – overview of the painting

“Gifts of the Autumn”, Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov – overview of the painting
“Gifts of the Autumn”, Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Author: Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov
  • Museum: Museum-Studio A.M. Gerasimova
  • Year: 1935

Overview of the painting :

The gifts of autumn are Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov.

   Despite the fact that the 30s of the last century are decisive in the work of Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov as a portrait painter, his landscapes and still lifes are no less magnificent. They attract attention with freshness, color, naturalism.

   So the picture “Gifts of Autumn”, performed by the author in 1935, is beautiful with its autumn colors, which store the warmth of the departed summer days. The viewer will never pass by this bright, picturesque work, performed with great skill and talent.

   The modern-mort compositional building is very successful. The light penetrating the house creates a warm, sincere mood, and also makes it possible to see the transparency of the glass decanter, the water in it, with refracting branches. Due to the fact that the vase with mountain ash stands close to the window, the author effectively emphasizes the shadows, shades, reflections from the glass, sunspots of light on the table and glare on the vase.

   In his youth, while studying, Gerasimov preferred the style of impressionism, perhaps therefore, he generally succeeds in images of reflections, wet from the rain of objects, juicy and saturated contours, accurate “grabbing” of the moment from impression.

   Still life consists of generous autumn gifts – apples, sunflowers, mushrooms and a huge bouquet of mountain ash. Of course, mountain ash immediately captures the audience’s attention with its deep, well-fed color and heavy clusters bending thin branches. The berries themselves, bright and matured, recall that winter is coming soon, but their color will be associated with the golden autumn sometimes for a long time.

   In the foreground is a plate of plates with late apples that framed their shiny green and pink sides to the rays of the sun. Two heads of sunflowers, with black seeds that birds may have glued, preparing their supplies for a long winter. At the edge of the table is another sign of autumn – mushroom-champignon.

   In addition to the fact that the work is done flawlessly in artistic terms, it can also be called a picture-impression. She attracts so much with positive emotions – it is pleasant and joyful to look at her, she is harmonious with the color scheme, orange, yellow, green colors create a sense of celebration and fullness of life.

   And it is not surprising that this rich paint and we are currently in the museum-estate of the artist, in his homeland in. Michurinsk. After all, only in favorite places where the soul opens and sings, the artist can so beautifully see the abundance and splendor of his native nature.