Green lovers, Mark Chagall

Green lovers, Mark Chagall
Green lovers, Mark Chagall - 1

  • Posted by Mark Zakharovich Shagal
  • Museum: Private collection
  • Year: 1916-1917

Overview of the painting :

Green lovers – Mark Chagall. 1916-1917. Oil, gouache, paper, cardboard. 48 x 45.5

   Beloved Creator! It seems that there is nothing more beautiful, because from under his brush the most sincere and delightful creations are born, full of personal experiences and innermost feelings. Such an artist was Mark Chagall.

   In 1915, the long-awaited event took place – Chagall is combined with legal marriage with Bella Rosenfeld. A tender feeling has long been strong between young people, but Bella’s relatives, wealthy jewelers, did not agree to the union, then the groom himself set off wandering around Europe. Only 6 years after meeting, they became husband and wife.

   The painter’s happiness knew no boundaries – he devotes one job after another to his beloved. Between 1914 and 1917, Chagall writes a series of paintings, which includes Pink Lovers, Blue Lovers, Gray Lovers, and the presented work is Green Lovers.

   This picture surprisingly combines the realism of the story, the fantastic and even the mysticism, which is very characteristic of the author’s style. Two lovers, holding their breath and closing their eyes, are about to touch each other with their lips. At the same time, their clear profiles inscribed in the figure of the circle look somehow unrealistic, invented in a dream or generated by fantasy, thanks to the color color color and the game of green shadows on the faces of lovers.

   The lyrical work “Green Lovers” once again demonstrates that Chagall is an artist of feelings, and most of his paintings are dedicated to the “drunken” feeling for Belle.