“Green noise”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov – overview of the painting

“Green noise”, Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov – overview of the painting
"Green noise", Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov
  • Museum: Russian Museum
  • Year: 1904

Overview of the painting :

Green noise – Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov. Oil on canvas. 107 x 146 cm
   Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov painted the painting “Green Noise” in 1904. The name contains a reference to the non-Krasov strings: “Green Noise, Green Noise, Spring Noise is walking.”. Obviously, the artist recreated the image of a bright spring day in the whole riot and variety of lush greenery.

   The author reported that he had no purpose to illustrate this poem, he did not think of a programmatic picture. He wanted to write a landscape that he often saw that summer on the banks of his native Vyatka: a wide excited river, noisy from a strong birch wind, dark forests in the background.

   When the canvas was over, the artist’s friend (paintiff Konstantin Fedorovich Bogaevsky) only looked at the work and advertised precisely these lines of Nekrasov. So with the sweet hand of a friend, the picture got this name.

   Despite the specific mention of color in the name of the canvas, “Green Noise” is by no means monochrome. Even if you do not take into account gray clouds, white bead trunks and yellow sand, you can see that the leaves of the trees are made in various tones. That side of foliage on which sunlight falls is highlighted in red and yellow. And the opposite, in the shade, is blue and blue. The shades are bright, saturated and contrasting, so the viewer feels the power and revelry of the elements.

   The canvas was so favorably received by the public that Arkady Alexandrovich created two more copies of this work. Now all three paintings of the illustrious landscape painter and singer of their native nature adorn the expositions of the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Museum of Russian Art in Kiev.

   “Green noise” is one of the most famous and recognizable paintings created by the brush of Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov.