“Greeting Day”, Bogdanov-Belsky – overview of the painting

“Greeting Day”, Bogdanov-Belsky – overview of the painting
“Greeting Day”, Bogdanov-Belsky - overview of the painting - 1

  • Posted by Bogdanov-Belsky
  • Museum: A. Museum of Art. Kasteeva
  • Year: 1920s

Overview of the painting :

The teacher’s birthday is Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky. Oil on canvas. 76.5 x 96 cm

Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky is called a folk, peasant artist. Although he painted both emperors and intelligentsia, and aristocrats, but his special love for rural children, for the Russian landscape is bestowed on the artist from above and this topic passes through all his work.

Nikolai Petrovich left the bottom, the illegal son of a poor laborer and the whole road to him – in the same disenfranchised laborers. But fate turned out differently, he was able to get an education and become a famous artist with a world name.

His lucky star was Rachinsky Sergey Alexandrovich. Rachinsky is the founder of schools for ordinary peasant children, he was a scientist, professor at Moscow University, mathematician, botanist, teacher. But he went to the village of Tatevo, Tverskoy region, where he founded the first public school, in which he was lucky to study Bogdanov-Belsky for two years.

A simple village school and its inhabitants became the basis of creativity for the future artist. And the atmosphere that Rachinsky created in relations between students and teachers forever remained in the memory of Bogdanov-Belsky. These were not relations of the “drums” and “peasants”, but there were normal human ones – warm, friendly, sincere and trusting.

In one of the works of Bogdanov-Belsky, just such a connection between the teacher and the students – “The birthday of the teacher” is perfectly reflected. It is written in the house of the landowner Ushakov, in the village of Ostrovno.

How sunny and warm were the artist’s memories to paint this good picture. The teacher invited her students to her birthday. They are all dressed up, clean shirts, new dresses, neat hairstyles.

There is a modest feast on the table, but for village children there are plenty of goodies – favorite lamb, pieces of sugar and even jam. In the center of the table is a beautiful blue bouquet of flowers and garden gifts – juicy strong apples.

A large brilliant samovar near the mistress of the celebration, she only manages to pour tea to lovers to grasp. The kids are still a little constrained, and therefore diligently blow on the saucer and are very focused on this important matter. In the foreground are two empty glasses with spoons, perhaps not all the children have come.

A teacher with a soft smile on her face is probably very loved by the students, and they gladly came to visit her, they are interested in spending time together not only at school.

This whole picturesque group is located in a garden filled with light, which fun breaks through the branches of trees, plays with sun bunnies on a festive white tablecloth, on the heads and faces of those present.

Bogdanov-Belsky studied as a landscape painter, and, being in France, was imposed of ideas of impressionism. All the expression of this genre was reflected in the game of shadows and light on the table, in the artist’s writing foliage and tree branches.

What light, ringing and air paints are used by him. There is transparency and warmth of the air, rustling of leaves, whispers of the breeze. All the canvas is filled with bright and joyful light, the smells of summer and childhood.